About Us

Nutripure’s concept is based on creating products that are organic, safe, and provide long-term benefits. They are derived from plants grown without the use of toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Rather than that, we depend on entirely natural components and raw resources. Because we, the Nutripure family, feel that nothing can better care for your skin, hair, and body than nature.

We understand the need of practicing organic self-care on a consistent basis in order to present the best version of yourself to the rest of the gorgeous world. Nutripure obtains the best organic ingredients from the most distant regions of Bangladesh to make powerful herbal skincare, restorative hair treatments, and curative toners that provide true, long-lasting effects For Deeper Beauty. We enhance the function and appearance of the skin and hair on a more profound, more effective level with our natural cosmoproducts, which include Hair & Skincare Oils, serums and packs, toner, and highly efficient Ayurvedic Herbal Powders.

Manufacturing Process

From the raw materials to the completed product, each Nutripure product undergoes a rigorous, Earth-friendly quality control procedure to assure that no synthetic or dangerous components are included. The items are created in our own well-maintained plant, and the manufacturing process is tightly monitored to ensure unmatched quality.

Our Vision

Ethics One of our guiding principles is to maintain complete transparency with our customers. From the organic certification of our ingredients to the particular problems addressed by our products and the advantages they give, we place a premium on being entirely transparent about our processes.
Advancement Skin and hair disorders are prevalent in today's society. Given the fast-paced nature of our lives, Nutripure attempts to provide solutions that are pure, fast-acting, and strong enough to meet these issues. Our customized beauty consultations are one way to help you create solutions that are uniquely yours!
Endeavor Organic products are produced using only the most rigorous and ethical agricultural standards. This implies that cultivating and ensuring the integrity of these substances takes an enormous amount of effort. We make a concerted effort to ensure that our goods include only components sourced responsibly.

Our Approach to Slow but sure Results

Nutripure’s product range is created in accordance with natural rhythms and rituals. We forage extensively before returning to our zero-waste facility to compose, combine, and bottle by hand in small quantities. Our plant- and mineral-based remedies are steeped in ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and discovery in green beauty and wellbeing, evoking harmony between mind, body, and soul.

Because we think that skincare is similar to food for the skin and may be absorbed into the bloodstream, Nutripure guarantees superior ingredients that are carefully obtained and harvested at their height of strength.

Pioneer organic cosmoproducts online shop in Bangladesh

At Nutripure Bangladesh, we aren’t just a faceless, soulless organic e-commerce site in Bangladesh that churns out low-priced items to boost our profit. Natural skin and hair care is our passion, and we’re doing it for that reason alone. Are you trying to find a good sulfate-free face wash? Look no further. What about a long-lasting, all-natural hair oil that you can rely on? Maybe you’d rather try something like a face pack, which would quickly improve the appearance of your skin. We’re here for you. Regardless of how long it takes, we only release a product after it fulfills all of our requirements, no matter how long that takes. Is it safe to eat? Do you think it works? Isn’t it beautiful? The most important question is whether or not you’ll like it.

Most Effective natural cosmoproducts available in Bangladesh

Have you ever been into a natural skincare store, studied the lovely, immaculate bottles, read the magnificent ingredient list, and yet had no idea which product was best for your skin? These concerns are very reasonable. Due to the particular nature of each individual’s skin and scalp, a single generic chemical or synthetic cosmetic product may not be suitable for everyone. Nutripure, Bangladesh’s leading source of organic cosmetics, has a wide variety of 100% natural, handmade items. Our products are appropriate for all skin and hair types, including those with oily, dry, or sensitive skin.

Why would you choose us?

There are hundreds of pages selling Organic Beauty Care products in Bangladesh. At the time of writing, many more are being launched as you read this.

In a world when phrases like “natural,” “organic,” and “ayurvedic” are thrown about so freely, how can one discern the excellent from the not-so-good and avoid the stuff that isn’t truly good? And what makes Nutripure unique?

The items in which we specialize are as follows:

Vegan & Cruelty-free

Why are we a cruelty-free organization? Because we really like all fuzzy species. That is why we take great care to ensure that neither we nor our partners injure them. That is completely non-negotiable.

Dermatologically Appropriate

All of our products undergo professional dermatological testing for safety and irritation. However, since each individual’s skin may react differently to various substances, we strongly suggest everyone do a patch test before utilizing any of our products.

100 % Natural

Are we actually biodegradable? Yes. Numerous items are certified in accordance with the requirements. At Nutripure, ‘organic’ is not only a compliance term or another trendy buzzword. It’s a way of life for us. When it comes to organic, we’ll show you that we’re not kidding.


We believe in the efficacy of accomplishing as much as possible by hand, which is why we employ machines sparingly. We only employ machines in certain procedures to improve efficiency or cleanliness.


Do we believe that organic and ethical farming go hand in hand? Of course! Every product we create is made entirely of organic and ethically sourced ingredients. We guarantee that we will go to great lengths to locate the best ingredients.

Freshly Prepared

When it comes to organic goods, the key to effectiveness is indeed freshness. Nutrients, like all other biological stuff, diminish with time. We source fresh, prepare fresh, and deliver fresh on a consistent basis. Fresh from our shelves translates to fresh on your skin, which is where the magic occurs.

Contains no sulfates

Are sulfates necessary in our cleansers? No. Why? Because they naturally bubble and froth due to the saponification of plant oils. Additionally, they do not need sulfates or performance boosters.

No Fragrance Or Synthetic Oils 

What is that aroma? This is the result of your components at work. The fragrance you inhale is a combination of component botanicals, plant oils, and essential oils. As with nature, these natural smells may vary with time, but what does not alter is our products’ potency.

There Are No Dyes

Is beauty only available in particular hues? Indeed, our items are sent to you in their natural state, free of artificial colors or coloring. Skin is not colorblind; it is primarily concerned with nourishment. When nature has already mastered that vital component, why would we needlessly add color to the mix? Similar to leaves or grass, our goods change color with time yet continue to function properly.

Clinically Supplied

We appreciate numbers because they are truthful. That is why we have undertaken the task of clinically testing and establishing the effectiveness of our goods. Some have been tested, while others are still in the works, but be assured that we will not stop until they are all completed.

Packaging that is environmentally friendly

What does the term “sustainable” imply for us? To begin, it is not meaningless jargon; it is ingrained in the way we think and operate. Our packaging is recyclable and compostable and includes PET bottles, glass bottles, glass tubs, and biodegradable packaging. Additionally, we provide a take-back program to assist you in taking little steps toward more sustainable living.

Petrochemicals are prohibited

Are petrochemicals necessary in today’s world? No. We never utilize filler ingredients in any of our products; they are just unnecessary. What you see is exactly what you get with us – pure organic bliss.

Final Words

The cosmetics and beauty care sector in Bangladesh has just lately begun to embrace the concept of organic beauty. Nutripure, on the other hand, has a devoted following of customers who believe in using only the safest and purest products in their beauty regimen.

We stand for three fundamental principles that, in our opinion, are absent in the Bangladeshi beauty industry…

Trustworthiness, Integrity, and Effectiveness

Many of us are presently seeking a more intimate relationship with the Earth via immersive experiences and a desire for refreshing simplicity. We’re becoming more aware of minor distinctions in our daily lives – and finding the beauty in the minutiae. Nutripure is leading this movement with an eye on what is really worth celebrating: a deep thread of endless knowledge from ancient societies, raw, natural beauty devoid of chemicals and fast cures, and artisanal work that feeds the body, mind, and soul.