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Dandruff Treatment Mask

Pure & Organic Dandruff Treatment Solution with Neem & Green Tea, Treats Scalp Infection
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Benefits of this Product

  • Prevents dandruff
  • Hair conditioning
  • Removes roughness of hair and makes hair silky
  • Treats fungal infections of the scalp

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Hair Pack For Dandruff

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Get rid of the flaky scalp with Nutripure’s Organic Hair Pack For Dandruff

Nutripure Hair Pack For Dandruff is a potent anti-dandruff therapy that nourishes the scalp and hair. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal characteristics aid in the treatment of dandruff and help maintain the condition of the hair and scalp. Additionally, it improves the shine and suppleness of hair. It tames frizz and softens hair. It soothes the scalp and helps eliminate dandruff.

This finest Hair Pack For Dandruff in bd is a potent medicinal oil due to its Ayurvedic qualities. This pure organic hair mask is anti-fungal, anti-acne scarring, and anti-dandruff. To get the best results, follow our guidelines. Antimicrobial qualities aid in the prevention and treatment of bacterial illnesses. Neem which is one of the elements in this mask is antimicrobial and antifungal. It is a necessary component of Ayurveda due to its medicinal and cleansing properties. The ingredients used in this pack are from miracle plants that are known for their ability to spontaneously treat bacterial diseases. Due to its top manufacturing quality, this is the finest Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff available. As a result, it efficiently controls dandruff and guards against fungal and bacterial infections.

How is the anti-dandruff hair pack in bd made?

Nutripure’s Dandruff treatment hair mask is made of Azadirachta indica (Neem) leaves, barks, and seeds, as well as Matcha Green Tea, Amla, Fenugreek, and Moringa powders. This enchanted Hair Mask is created by combining organic plants. Farmers carefully choose fresh ingredients by hand. After removing all contaminants, the components are crushed using a hand grinder. The ultimate effect is achieved incrementally. This 100 percent natural and organic best anti-dandruff hair mask is free of pollutants and chemicals and is great for healing a variety of typical dandruff-related issues, such as the flaky scalp, scalp infections, and scalp rashes, and of course, dandruff.

Totally organic & chemical free

Source of Antioxident & minerals

One-stop solution for dandruff & scalp infections

Nutripure Organic best Hair Pack in BD For Dandruff benefits

  • Stimulates hair growth

Have you seen a decline in hair volume and luster over the years? The naturally occurring amino acids in hibiscus flowers nourish the hair and aid in its development. These amino acids combine to form a unique kind of structural protein known as keratin, which serves as the building block for hair. Keratin strengthens the hair and makes it less prone to breaking. Additionally, it increases the general thickness of hair strands and makes hair easier to handle. Thus, rather than resorting to costly keratin treatments that cause hair damage, you may begin applying Hibiscus to your hair.

  • Conditions hair

The majority of shampoos include chemicals that deplete the hair of its natural oils. Have you noticed that your hair is becoming brittle and dull? Not to worry, Hibiscus can be used to nourish and seal your hair’s natural moisture content! Hibiscus blooms and leaves are abundant in mucilage, a natural conditioner. Because of this naturally occurring conditioner, crushed Hibiscus flowers and leaves feel sticky to the touch.

  • Prevents hair thinning

Are you concerned about hair loss and balding? Hair loss may be caused by stress, poor eating habits, and excessive use of hair styling products and equipment. Joba Hair oil applied to the hair may be beneficial. Joba oil is high in fatty acids and benefits the scalp in a variety of ways. This oil strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth when used regularly. Additionally, the oil inhibits excessive sebum production, a factor in hair loss and delayed hair growth.

  • Prevents premature greying

We don’t want to appear older than we are, which is why premature hair greying may be a cause for concern. While synthetic dyes may provide a quick fix, we recommend Joba oil as a safe and natural alternative. However, you should keep in mind that this will only postpone further hair greying. Hair that has already become grey due to aging will remain grey.

  • Treats dandruff and itchy scalp

Is your scalp prone to excessive oil production, resulting in dandruff and irritated skin? Hibiscus works as an astringent, reducing the glands’ oil output. Using Hibiscus leaves on hair helps maintain the pH balance of the hair and also has a relaxing and cooling effect.


Available Size: 

30 ML Regular Bottle (Containing 30 days worth of Supply)


Lightly herbal and nutty powder and oil


Medium-weight oil &  Smooth Powder


Deep orange

Shelf Life:

One Year

100% Dandruff Relief in a month if used with Neem Oil

99% Prevents Dandruff from coming Back

60% Scalp Infection Treatment

What Makes Nutripure Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff the best

Nutripure’s Organic Pure & Organic Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff is a nourishing natural hair pack for dandruff. This ayurvedic herbal mix hydrates and conditions the hair. They address scalp problems at the source. This finest hair pack in Bangladesh has a high concentration of vitamin C and amino acids, which both promote scalp health. This rejuvenates your hair and helps prevent premature greying. Coconut oil is a natural emollient that gives hair its gloss. Its alluring perfume entices you in and aids in the forgetting of your worries. When combined, these two products provide the perfect solution for strong, healthy, and lustrous hair.

Organic Pure & Organic Hair Mask For Dandruff from Nutripure is certified organic and has been painstakingly treated to retain the delicate key antioxidants and active components. Not Extracted Chemically! The package is double-sealed to avoid leakage and to guarantee that the contents reach their destination securely. Organic Hair Mask For Dandruff is a nourishing hair treatment made entirely of natural and organic ingredients. There are no traces of fertilizer or pesticide in the final product.

Nutripure is now offering the most affordable hair pack price in bd. Additionally, it is vegan and cruelty-free, as we take pleasure in being Bangladesh’s leading beauty care company.


To get the most out of the Dandruff treatment mask, it is made with all-natural and 100% organic ingredients. Nutripure Organic Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff in Bangladesh contains the following ingredients:

  • Azadirachta indica- Neem- Seed, leaves, and bark extracts-20%
  • Matcha Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) -20%
  • Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) – 20%
  • Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) – 20%
  • Moringa (Moringa oleifera) – 20%
  • Organic Certified Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil- As Hair Mask Making Oil

It includes important minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth and healthy strand.

How to Use

Step-1: Take 2 to 3 tablespoons amount of powder hair from the polybag according to the length.

Step-2: Make a paste by mixing 5/6 ml (1 teaspoon amount) of coconut oil with the white part of an egg inside the box. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes.

Step-3: Divide the hair into small sections and gently apply the mixture to the scalp with a brush or clean hand. Make sure that the whole scalp is properly shaped.

Step-4: After keeping for 1 hour, wash well with a mild shampoo. 

** Follow the process twice a week to get the best results.


What exactly is a Hair mask For Dandruff?

  • The finest anti-dandruff hair pack in Bangladesh is Nutripure’s Dandruff Hair Pack, which is made with the most beneficial dandruff treatment and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is a component in hair care products that helps maintain optimal scalp health. The inclusion of coconut and organic herbs in Nutripure’s unique blend enhances this greatest hair mask in Bangladesh. It alleviates scalp inflammation, strengthens hair follicles, and hydrates the scalp. Use of this best hair mask regularly in Bangladesh promotes a healthy scalp and lustrous hair.


Are there any side effects of Nutripure Organic Hair Pack For Dandruff?

  • As a consequence, our organic Hair Pack For Dandruff is Clinically Certified Organic, which means it complies with stringent requirements for fertilizer usage, animal husbandry, pest and plant management, and the use of additives.


Is this Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff can be applied directly?

  • Because Nutripure Organic Hair Pack For Dandruff is made up of only natural ingredients, it is perfectly safe to use on the scalp.


How Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff Can Help You Improve Your Day-to-Day Routine?

  • Hair Pack For Dandruff is a miraculous performer when it comes to quickly cure dandruff, lice, and scalp infection. As previously said, Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff is an excellent combination for all health conditions owing to its extraordinary healing properties (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral). Additionally, Natural Hair Pack For Dandruff is an effective method for regulating sebum production, hence resolving scalp dryness or oiliness. Additionally, it has a calming and soothing impact, which contributes to relaxation. Due to its antibacterial properties, it aids in preventing hair loss by limiting bacterial accumulation produced by sweat breakdown. As a consequence, you may realize that your everyday routine has improved.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dandruff Treatment Mask

    Farzana Akter Munni
    December 17, 2023
    I used it with yougart and lime..it makes my hair so smooth nd shiny… ☺
    Reply from Nutripure Bangladesh:
    ধন্যবাদ, মতামতের জন্য, নিয়মানুযায়ী ব্যাবহার করেন আশা করি ভাল ফলাফল পাবেন।
    Saiara Rashid Deena
    December 11, 2023
    Product valo tobe packing r o shondor kore dile customer r o khushi hobe packing unnoto kora Uchit otherwise everything was amazing ????
    Reply from Nutripure Bangladesh:
    ধন্যবাদ, মতামতের জন্য, নিয়মানুযায়ী ব্যাবহার করেন আশা করি ভাল ফলাফল পাবেন।
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